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Zhangjiagang Hengyu Beverage Machinery Co., Ltd.
맞춤 제조업체
주요 제품:물 충전 기계; 탄산 음료 충전 기계, 물 처리 시스템, 라벨링 기계, 포장 기계
No. 4 사출 중공 성형기 부문 빠른 응답 시간Total floorspace (8,500㎡)Supplier assessment proceduresTotal staff (26)Finished product inspection
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Zhangjiagang Hengyu Beverage Company is a professional beverage packaging machinery manu-facturer, which is located in the national civilized typical city - Zhangjiagang City, east of Shanghai,the west of Nanjing, North pillow Yangtze River, the traffic is very convenient. We have more than 20000 square meters of factory area. Companies to many years of researchresults and production experience as the basis, widely absorb and digest the advantages of thesame industry at home and abroad, and one after another from Germany, Italy, the introductionof a full set of the latest beverage packaging machinery technology.To Provide high quality bever-age equipment for domestic and international customers.The company has several series of inde-pendent research and development products, has obtained the national patent. As the senior beverage machine manufacturer, the working environment is elegant, has the per-fect modern office condition, has the specialized sales department, the research and developmentdepartment, the technical department.